Teenage boy showing blank digital tablet screen


The latest developments with the coronavirus have imposed an unusual reality for all of us. In wanting to keep up with the times whilst maintaining the high quality of our services, we have started offering e-learning courses via our specialised educational web portal called 4schools, and with the use of zoom for video conferencing.

With the 4schools web portal we can be in constant contact with our students, allowing them to know all the material covered in class at any time. We can also exchange messages, tasks, corrections and grades. In addition, it gives parents the opportunity to monitor and be informed about their children’s progress, without waiting for the end of the quarter to be informed of their marks.

Zoom is a secure video conferencing platform. It allows us to have a live chat with all our students, so that we can maintain communication whilst adhering to social distancing regulations. This way lessons can be recorded for any students who were absent to re-watch later.