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English Courses

At BRITANIA Language School, thanks to our many years of experience, we have designed study programs for all levels.

Combined with the systematic monitoring and care we offer, all of our students can easily get integrated and successfully complete their studies.

Pre Juniors

Special oral program specialised for children aged 5 to 7 years with the use of interactive whiteboards.

Junior A, B

Because the first contact with a foreign language is very important, we have created an environment of security, tenderness and familiarity. Children are included in the teaching of language based on oral speech. Extra attention is paid to the correct pronunciation from this young age.

Senior A, B, C

This is where the foundations of the language come in, with organized and systematic work by experienced teachers and specially selected educational programs. Parents are kept informed of the daily written, oral spoken assessments. The result of is that students will learn correctly but also facilitate the immediate identification of potential problems so that they can be treated effectively. In these levels, students can sit Cambridge University’s “Young Learners Tests”. This is a confirmation for parents of their children’s level of knowledge.

Senior D / Pre-Lower

At this level we begin preparing for the F.C.E. degree in a coordinated approach across all levels of speech. With this preparation students are guaranteed success in obtaining their degrees. Any student who has an average score of 90% in Senior D class is immediately promoted to the Lower class. This way they can take the F.C.E. exam in 5 years. Students can also take the K.E.T. and P.E.T. exams.

First Certificate (Lower)

The final phase of the preparation with a coordinated and systematic program that consists of practice tests, interviews and listenings every week. This ensures the success of our students in obtaining their B2 level degrees. Our success rate at this level is 100%.

Advanced / Proficiency

Systematic and methodical program with specialised university-level teachers. At this demanding level, we pay special attention to the special requirements of the test. It is no coincidence that the success rate of the last few years has been 100%.

Degree Preparation

University of Cambridge

  • Young Learners
  • K.E.T.
  • P.E.T.
  • F.C.E. (Lower)
  • C.A.E. (Advanced)
  • C.P.E. (Proficiency)
  • I.E.L.T.S.

University of Michigan

  • E.C.C.E.
  • A.L.C.E.
  • E.C.P.E.

Anglia AIM Awards

  • B2: Advanced
  • C2: Mastery

Michigan State University (MSU)

Europalso ESB

Special course for the Panhellenic exams.