Girl wearing mask in classroom

Class Commencement and Safety Measures

We welcome you to the new school year with optimism, despite the difficult times we are going through. Our goal at BRITANIA Language School is not only to provide high quality education for all our students, but above all to conduct the lessons safely.

We remind you that according to the law, the use of face masks in all indoor areas is mandatory.

To ensure the smooth running of the classes, the measures we are taking this year are the following:

  • All students and teachers must wear a mask throughout the lessons.
  • All students must disinfect their hands as they enter the room.
  • The desks will be disinfected after each lesson.
  • To avoid overcrowding indoors as well as outdoors:
    • Breaks will be eliminated where possible.
    • The schedule has been adapted so that each class starts and ends individually.
    • Only two parents will be allowed indoors at a time.
    • We also ask parents to drop their children off at the entrance.
  • Although there is no restriction to the number of students in the classroom by law, we are choosing to enforce social distancing restricting the number of students to eight per classroom.
  • We ask that all students are equipped with notebooks, pencils, pens, etc., as well as a (refillable) water bottle, to avoid any exchange of objects and, consequently, germs.
  • Our space is thoroughly equipped with sanitisers.

Classes will commence on September 23rd and 24th (depending on the schedule of each class). If you have not been informed about this year’s schedule, you can contact us, or pick it up in person, every day between 16:00 and 21:00. Although we will not be conducting online classes, we do suggest that you download Zoom onto your computers, in case any student needs to be absent.

In the coming weeks you will receive invitations to join our new online platform, which, among other things, will allow you to track your children’s progress online and see their homework.

As always, for any information you can contact us via email at, through our Facebook page, or by phone at 2109658577, or, you can visit us in person.

Thank you,
BRITANIA Karapetridis.